Practitioner Listings on Google My Business

A common question we get from Chattanooga business owners about Local SEO is how businesses that have practitioner listings should approach Google My Business. There is a lot of confusion around how to deal with these and if they help or hurt the business’ ranking on Google.  What is a Practitioner Listing? A practitioner or professional listing is a listing on Google Maps that is for a person instead of a place. Businesses that have public-facing professionals that are known and searched by name would have these. Examples of industries that commonly have......

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How Google My Business Helps You Get Found With Local SEO

As you know constant AND correct local listings is one of Google’s organic search ranking factors. Because Google wants to give researchers with the best and most reliable information, it will show you results for businesses that show that an exact and actual presence all over the Web. This includes local citations (business listings and customer’s review sites.) Google My Business is one of the best business listing services among others, that will help promote your online presence across the Web. Here are some important tips and guidelines from our latest 5 in 15......

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