SEO & Local Citations: How Google My Business Helps You Get Found

How Google My Business Helps You Get Found With Local SEO

As you know constant AND correct local listings is one of Google’s organic search ranking factors. Because Google wants to give researchers with the best and most reliable information, it will show you results for businesses that show that an exact and actual presence all over the Web. This includes local citations (business listings and customer’s review sites.)

Google My Business is one of the best business listing services among others, that will help promote your online presence across the Web. Here are some important tips and guidelines from our latest 5 in 15 webinar: 5 Google My Business Basics that Get You Found. These can greatly help you with your Google listing and boost your SEO, as well as provide exact and reliable information about your business to possible searchers.

What Are Business Citations?

Citations can include local listings, review sites, and your listing on Google. Citations are any presence of your business online throughout the Web, regardless of it is linking back to your website or not.

Why Are Citations Important to Local SEO?

An important thing to consider when creating citations is the consistency of the information such as name, address, and phone number. This information should be the same across the web, because that will matter most with local ranking factor, and that way Google finds if this information is trustworthy or not, even it comes from different sources. Because when Google finds some varying information with your business citations, it’s not sure what to show, it’s believed to be confusing to researchers. In addition, to help create a user-friendly experience, it requires you to have consistent information listed over the web. Imagine you are looking for a local restaurant, and you find one that seems great, but you notice their phone number listed differently on Google, Yelp and CitySearch. This inconsistent information might discourage you from calling to find out more about what they are offering, and of course you will instead look for a different restaurant.

How Can Google My Business Help Your Local SEO?

One way of telling Google what your correct business information is includes verifying your business information through Google My Business. That way it will also actively correct all information on Google Maps, Google search results, as well as Google+. Since it’s important to maintain consistent citations across all local listings, this is a great place to start.

What Does it Mean to Have Consistent Citations?

It is important to make sure all your citations contain exactly the same information of your business, the key is consistency for search engine purposes. Ideally, what is being listed on your website should be an exact match, down to punctuation and descriptons such as “Inc.” or “Co.” The same goes for your business address – if the address on your website has “St.” instead of “Street,” make sure it’s perfectly listed the same way on your Google My Business and other Local listings.

If you’d like help managing your business citations across directory listings like Google My Business and Yelp, check out our local listings management solution, Chattanooga SEO.

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